Barefoot ballerinas was conceived out of the simple desire to share the art of ballet with adults dancers wishing to come back to the barre after many years or for the very first time.  Ballet is for any age, any body type, anyone wanting or wiling to learn. It is never ever too late to begin.

I was late to ballet and actually took my first class with adults.  I was 14.  From that day on, I started to study ballet intensively.  I read every history book on ballet, every bio of famous ballerinas past, and was determined I would one day be on the stage.

I was unfortunately up against the ageism of the ballet world.  I was told I was too old to achieve my dream of dancing professionally.  I worked hard for the next 8 years and despite naysayers, achieved my dream when I was accepted into one of the most prestigious dance schools in the U.S., The Ailey School in NYC.  While I ultimately went on to study nursing, ballet has and always will be in my heart.  Join me as we journey together one plié at at time ❤



Jenn Ross Photography

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body”  Martha Graham