070 544 1742

Miraallén 39

Gothenburg, Sweden


Welcome everyone!!  Ballet Gothenburg is a quaint ballet studio in Sannegården offering adult ballet classes.  The classes are small ensuring each student gets individual attention.  All classes are taught in English.  Don’t live in Sweden?  Join us on Zoom! Many students progress more quickly online with access to all of our classes.

We begin barefoot at the barre (or in socks) as we learn the fundamentals of a ballet class.  Once we learn to articulate the foot in class, it’s time to buy your first pair of shoes!!  Visit our favorite shop in town where all of our students receive a discount ❤


Keep in mind for your first class…

  • Let us know about any injuries, chronic illness, or allergies
  • Eat a snack before class
  • Stay hydrated before class
  • Wear any form fitting clothes that make you feel comfortable (yoga pants, tank top, leotard, tights)