Schedule & Booking


Spring 2020 (Weeks 8-15)

1600 kr (8 Classes)

Advanced Beginner Ballet

Mondays, 1700-1830

Beginner Pointe Class

Mondays, 1845-1945

Advanced Beginner Ballet

Wednesdays, 1700-1830

Beginner Ballet

Wednesdays, 1845-2000


Fridays, 1600-1715

Please note, you have 14 days from time of booking to cancel.  Beyond this time frame, booking is binding and you are responsible to pay the full amount of the course in the event that you must cancel.  Any classes missed during a term do not carry over to the next, but can be made up in another class within the same term.  In the event the teacher must cancel, a full refund will be made to the student.

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At Ballet Gothenburg, classes are small and semiprivate which gives each student the best chance to advance according to their own ability.  Which class is right for you?  In Beginner Ballet, we begin exploring a classical ballet barre and center work and it’s variations with focus on musicality and principles of placement, turnout, and épaulement (shouldering).  This class is for absolute beginners.  Advanced Beginner Ballet takes what was learned in Beginner Ballet and begins exploring turns, small simple jumps (Petit Allegro), and larger jumps (Grand Allegro).   Beginner Pointe Class is a class for students learning the fundamentals of pointe work as well as those wishing to one day dance on pointe.  In general students are required to take a minimum one year of ballet class 2-3 times per week before joining this class, but this is determined on an individual basis.  In Pas de Deux (Partnering) we learn the fundamentals of partnering in ballet.